Skin Again Ointment – Duo Pack

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Skin Again Ointment – Duo Pack is designed to save you money. On sale now saving you 50%. Use it on Mosquito bites, itchy skin and more…



Skin Again Ointment – Duo pack.

Perfect to use in any environment, duo pack is designed to save you money.

Skin Again Ointment is made with Natural Oils and vitamins, it is a natural antioxidant with healing properties of Vitamin A, B6, B12 as well as Vitamin D to name a few.  Skin Again Ointment can help enhance your skin and it won’t clog your pores.  Please click on SDS link below for full description and benefits.

Skin Again Ointment_AU_SDS

Skin Again Ointment is excellent for treating Mosquito bites, you won’t have to resort to Antihistamine or ice pack just apply the ointment on the affected area and get instant relieve in a few seconds, from itching and it won’t let the bites swell.  Using just as little as three applications you will treat your Mosquito bites well over 80%.

It is great for all other types of insect bites as well.

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SENSKIN Video Testimonial Linda a Bee Sting – Skin Again

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