Australian Made Skincare For Sensitive Skin

Natural skincare products without any harsh chemicals.

SEN Skin products are chemical-free products to nourish the skin deep the most natural way, they contain natural oils, vitamins that mimic skins own properties to really moisturise and help keep the skin soft, supple and moisturised.



Australian Made Owned

SEN Skin is proudly an Australian made and owned licensee.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Officially recognised by the National Breast Cancer Foundation for our donations with select purchases.


Thank you for taking the time to read my personal journey. I genuinely hope that by sharing my story, you’ll gain valuable insights into the reason behind SEN Skin™ products and the path that led me to the development.

When it comes to the journey through menopause, every woman’s experience is truly unique. I found myself facing this transitional phase, and it was a journey filled with its own challenges and triumphs. We all encounter life-altering moments, and for some of us, those moments are particularly profound.

In my case, the journey was quite intense. An interesting point to note is that some of my hormone levels had plummeted to an astonishing zero, this was discovered through blood test. Yes, you read that right – absolutely zero hormone levels in my system. I’ll delve into the details of this shortly.

For over a year and a half, I struggled with agonising symptoms, I finally decided it was time to consult my GP. He suggested a visit to a dermatologist, given that my skin was in a state that demanded specialised attention. The dermatologist diagnosed my condition and prescribed a unique compound ointment, describing my skin as “burned.” Naturally, I was taken back by this diagnosis and very concerned why this should happen!

Following the doctor’s orders, I applied the ointment as directed, but it did not provide the relief I was hoping for. A constant sensation of something like “insects crawling under my skin” – medically known as “Formication” condition – persisted. This sensation was linked back to my hormone deficiency as I mentioned earlier, which made it an extremely uncomfortable ordeal. I was desperate for any solution that could alleviate this sensation.

This is when I turned to a family recipe for help, I instantly felt the relief I had been so desperately seeking for. Applying this ointment became a part of my daily routine, offering me the comfort and relief I needed. It was during this time that I made a personal commitment to extend this comfort to other women who were grappling with the discomforts of menopause.

And so, the seed of an idea was planted, which eventually blossomed into the creation of SEN Skin. This journey has been an extraordinary one, filled with personal growth and the solemn desire to make a positive impact on the lives of women facing similar challenges. Thank you once again for being a part of my experience and for considering the significance of SEN Skin™ products in this deeply personal journey.


Thank you again!

Jill – SEN Skin™ Founder