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SKIN AGAIN™ ointment is specially formulated for Australian stings, bites, and itches. There is nothing worse than a burning sting after a jellyfish sting! You can trust SKIN AGAIN™ ointment to soothe the pain almost instantly the way an antioxidant does with properties that assist healing and that feel good on your skin.


Australian-made SKIN AGAIN™ jellyfish sting treatment cream is on sale now, saving you 50% off. This jellyfish sting ointment is perfect for assisting with the relief of most jellyfish stings, bee stings, and more…


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There is nothing worse than that burning sensation after being stung by a jellyfish at the beach! Skin Again Ointment is an Australian-made sting cream designed for relieving jellyfish stings, so you won’t have to rely on wives-tales or ice packs which may make it worse. Applying our ointment may significantly reduce the symptoms of a jellyfish sting.

ointment for jellyfish stings

Skin Again Ointment For Jellyfish Stings – Duo pack.

Perfect to use in any environment, Skin Again Ointment is the best cream for jellyfish stings within the SEN Skin range.

Skin Again Ointment is made with Natural Oils and vitamins, it is a natural antioxidant with healing properties of Vitamin A, B6, B12 as well as Vitamin D to name a few. Skin Again Ointment may help enhance your skin and it won’t clog your pores.  Please click on the SDS link below for a full description and benefits of this Australian-owned and made ointment.

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The antioxidants in this ointment provide natural healing properties which make it great for all other types of insect bites, especially in these Australian conditions. Results may vary from person to person, protect your skin today!

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How to treat Jellyfish stings

The advice below is general and circumstances may vary.

If you are stung in tropical waters and experience extreme pain, breathing problems, nausea, vomiting, or sweating, call triple zero (000) for an ambulance. Or if you are stung anywhere else in Australia and experience any of these symptoms call triple zero immediately (000).

What to do if stung by a jellyfish

The treatment for minor jellyfish stings to soothe and cool the affected areas requires the cleaning of residual stingers and then the application of a soothing ointment. The ingredients in our ointment have been formulated to cool, soothe, and help relieve burning and itchy sensations, and hence our company is aptly named Sen Skin.

  • Some minor jellyfish stings can be relieved with this method however if you are unsure, seek immediate medical advice. Before applying Skin Again Ointment to a jellyfish sting it’s best to first clean the affected area as there may still be residual stingers. According to (, most jellyfish stings can be treated initially with salt water or hot water rinse. This will help wash the stinger out and decrease the burning sensation from the sting. It may also help to take a hot shower as soon as possible to wash more of the stingers out. Washing the affected area under hot water for at least 20 minutes is recommended by
  • Vinegar can be used to neutralize the stingers of some species of jellyfish, however, vinegar should not be used for bluebottle stings since it doesn’t help the sting and may increase the person’s pain.
    Caution: Do not use ammonia, urine, rubbing alcohol, fresh water, or ice. They all can trigger the release of more venom. Do not apply pressure bandages or rub the affected area as this may cause more stingers to be released.
  • For immediate relief from jellyfish stings after steps 1 & 2, apply Skin Again Ointment lightly to the affected area. Avoid rubbing the skin as this may agitate any remaining stingers


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